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You're welcome to borrow my car.

I was able to answer the question.

I have some things for her.


He was supposed to go to school.

I haven't been to Boston since 2013.

Last night was wonderful.

His work is repetitive.

Is that Guatemala?

I am acquainted with the chairman of the committee.

"You OK?" "Wha-... Yes, it's nothing."

Seenu showed Jin his new tattoo.

The news was about my company, so it struck close to home.

Pratapwant regularly eats sushi with his mother.

We are getting older day by day.

It won't be long before the trees are bare.

Maybe you can get Kriton to help.

The Titanic's maiden voyage didn't go so well.

We were lucky no one got hurt today.

Jonathan was always mean to Eric.

He sat brooding over his troubles all day.

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According to the weather reports, it will snow tomorrow.


Arnold looked tired.

We need a little time alone.

You can't lift the piano by yourself.


She used silk thread in sewing her dress.

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Why am I still alive?

There have been many accessions to the party.

I don't like the way Samuel did that.

Panacea didn't expect Rex to be at his party.

They seemed grateful.

How could Justin not like me?

She finished ironing the clothes a few minutes ago.

I guess I miss you too.

Reinhard knew where he had parked his car.


There were neither flowers nor trees in the streets of his city.

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A trickle of blood ran down his neck.

Wilson has two daughters. Both are married.

When I found out I was pregnant, I was scared and didn't know what to do.


There were lots of people.

He spent a little time on his lessons.

Let me tell you what I think.

Leo was a very funny man.

I'm driving to Boston tomorrow to visit Konstantinos.

Hey, thanks for everything.

It should be better.

There's no point in doing that.

Do you want to do that?

There was a long silence.

He gets along with everyone in his class.

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I went to an Italian pizzeria.


They found out it was way the very same house, so they went to the Movers to see if the little House could be moved.

We can't abandon them now.

It's our only option.

This company focuses on fast moving consumer goods.

She did not go there.


Derek never used to eat so much junk food.

Kristen, you're not schizophrenic.

Surya is the one who did all this.

He has gone to America.

The maid didn't see anything.

How did Amy look?

Tell him to show up.

Large fries, please.

This chair is very comfortable, but I don't like the color.

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Sedat bends over backwards to make Sekar happy.

We go to see her twice a day.

Some people laugh at his jokes, but others don't.

Nichael is almost thirty now.

Claudio turned white.

I hardly see Jong anymore.

I didn't take the wrong umbrella.

The colony was not adequately supported and quickly fell prey to armed incursions, ending the empire's colonial endeavors in that region.

We advised them to start early.

Have you told Winnie where Kaj lives?

I will not let the story go out.

We never should've hired Irvin.

This movie is so boring.

It's so grey out there that I can't see the mountains on the other side of the valley.

Should we worry?

You're extraordinary.

Carlo blames himself for what happened to Lucius.

We don't have any more time.

Water power turns the wheel.


The blood pressure can't be determined.

By evening the shadow of the tree reached the wall.

As a child, Van Horne collected fossils.

Do you know which book she wants to read?

Twelve-year-old Alice Brownotter ran a total distance of nearly twenty-five hundred kilometres from North Dakota to the United States capital to call for more protection of fresh water sources. "Water is life," she said, "and when the oil pipeline under the Missouri River breaks, it will affect everyone."

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Each of these students has his or her own opinion.

That's a no-brainer.

It took two years to make.


This is my favorite movie.

She directed her whole energy to the task.

He is certain to come.

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What kind of gift do you want?

Takeuchi bought a mobile phone.

I didn't follow orders.


The police turned away the crowd.

Did Elisabeth say where he went for his summer vacation?

I'd like to take a note of your phone number if you don't mind.

The chairs are under the tree.

Alastair took a taxi to the station.

You're afraid of me, aren't you?

You said you'd talk to her.

Antony is fighting cancer.

I've never been happier.

In the near future, we will be able to put an end to AIDS.

I'm sure Hunter will be coming back.

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You're not going to find him.

I was sure I understood it, but on thinking it over, I realized I didn't know at all.

Michelle is a little depressed.

She ran as fast as she was able to.

I owe it to my doctor that I am still alive.


I've got no secrets from her.

Is he loved in Japan?

Rex passed away in 2013.


This road will lead you to the station.

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Pascal is a very attractive woman.

I need to take medications.

The show is on Friday.


I picked up a few things for our party.

Maybe we should take Dana with us.

I think Heinz is helpful.

Florian borrowed a large amount of money from Brenda.

I've figured out why Diana is always late.


Sharan waited for the elevator.


It's important to keep learning.


This pond doesn't go dry even in the summer.


Traffic is bad today.

Reiner goes running every day.

Put on your skates, I just waxed the woodfloor.


He rested for a while.

We made the best of that bad situation.

A gargle with salt water is good for coughs.


Shahid couldn't calculate the price of the collection.

This is a rental car.

I don't think this is funny.


He's a control freak.

So what are you saying, Sam?

Is Cyrus interested?

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As far as I know, no one has ever done it.

I was your age.

This fold-up umbrella is really small and light, so it's easy to carry around. It's a little pricey, but I think I'll get it.


Miraculously, he guided the full team of oxen through the raging river, unscathed.

I like being alone, but not feeling like it.

They call it an English grammar book; I call it an arduous, soul-draining and depressing experience pushing the limits of human patience.

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This is the first time I've ever shouted at Taninna.

Children are happy, and animals, and women, but we humans are not.

I lifted my son so that he could see it.


We can't prevent Jimmy from seeing Beckie.

I'm easily bored.

I am short of money for my trip.

Everybody was confused.

I didn't like those tests.


She admitted that I was right.

You're on a tight schedule, aren't you?

Elvis put the ice cream in the freezer.

It's as good as finished.

I didn't bring this topic up with her.

Her illness is without a cure.

Please don't forget to see him tomorrow.


Don't make light of life.

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I believe you've met him.